Fully Managed CLOUD Servers

Our Cloud Servers are fully managed and monitor by our cloud experts which gives zero downtime and you can feel best hardware performance on your websites.

A range of CLOUD Server packages with CPanel

Our CLOUD server comes with premium hardwater with intel core processor and premium SSD storage. We also provide CPanel (indlusive extra CPanel Charges) and CyberPanel/Vesta Panel (Free of charge). Our CLOUD Servers are easy to manage and best to grow your business.

  • VPS I

    Best For Testers

  • ₹499MONTHLY
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • 1000GB bandwidth
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1vCPU
  • Full Root Access
  • Location: Noida, Mumbai

  • VPS II

    Perfect For Startups

  • ₹999MONTHLY
  • 60GB SSD storage
  • 2000GB bandwidth
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1vCPU
  • Full Root Access
  • Location: Noida, Mumbai


    Great For Developers

  • ₹1899MONTHLY
  • 80GB SSD storage
  • 3000GB bandwidth
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2vCPU
  • Full Root Access
  • Location: Noida, Mumbai

CLOUD that works the way you do

  • SSD

    Our CLOUD SSD servers is powered by flash memory which enables it to pick the required data quickly. ultra-fast is the main difference of the CLOUD SSD server instead of the traditional VPS HDD.

  • Full Managed

    Fully Managed Cloud services allow you to hand over the management of the entire platform and its component parts to a third party.

  • Network

    Our CLOUD Servers are configured by our best network engineer. We Provide 100 MB/s Premium Port Speed on all our CLOUD Servers in INDIA.

  • Performance

    Our CLOUD Servers are based on HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOUD COMPUTING (HPC2). HPC2 defines the techniques for achieving computing operations that match the speed of supercomputing from a cloud computing architecture.

  • Hardware

    Hardware plays an important role in backend of CLOUD Computing, So our CLOUD Servers are integrated with enterprise level SSD storage and intel core processors for best Performance and Optimization.

  • Security

    Security is important in all CLOUD servers as data is an important factor for everyone, so our CLOUD Servers are connected with Hardware Firewall to protect servers from unusual traffic and to block common attacks.

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